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An easter surprise

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An Easter Surprise or a Cuddly Cave 

Our dogs are quite unlike each other and so were their ways to become members of our family. The first to come was Bosse whom we „purchased“ quite conventionally. We informed ourselves at great length about dogs in general and Basenjis in particular and at last we contacted a breeder. This breeder had been recommended to us and – although she lives quite far away from us in southern Germany – we „ordered“ Bosse in the autumn of 1993. As the race of Basenjis has not changed much during the last century, the bitches are on heat only once a year which is in autumn. The puppies are usually born in mid December and we were impatient to hear the news. In early January the breeder finally called us – the time of waiting seemed to be incredibly long – and we were very happy to hear that one of three male puppies was to be our Bosse. We relied on the breeder´s experience for choosing the most suitable puppy for us.

In early February, my husband and I had to go on a business journey to the south of Germany. On the way, we took the chance to visit the breeder and to have a look at the puppies. We were completely flabbergasted! The dog´s „nursery“ was crawling with Basenjis. Apart from three little puppies, their mother, grandmother, and uncle there was also a lot of urgently needed stuff in the room such as toys and sleeping boxes. We got the impression that there were at least twice as many puppies. We sat down on the floor and were delighted to watch the charming puppies playing and exploring their environment. While one of them behaved well as he used the „dog´s toilet“ in the corner (which had been covered with newspaper), the other was busy chewing on our shoelaces and examining my earrings. When he had finally taken the shoelaces apart he was suddenly so tired that he burrowed himself into my cuddly pullover and fell asleep. He stayed in this „cuddly cave“ for the rest of our visit, even when we sat down to have supper. 

A few months later, when Bosse had stayed with us for some time, I asked the breeder why she had chosen Bosse for us. Her answer was that it was very easy for her as Bosse himself had chosen us. He was the very same puppy that had slept under my pullover during our first visit.   

On the contrary, Pelle was a real Easter surprise for us. The time seemed to be badly chosen as we were in the middle of remodelling and moving houses. While my husband and his son were busy pulling down a little wall and were producing a lot of noiuse and dust, the telephone rang. I was quite surprised to hear the Basenji breeder asking me in a conspiring tone whether or not I have always wished to have another Basenji. A male one he was and of the same colour as Bosse. One of her colleagues got a puppy back from a family and the breeder told me that there won´t be any problem in bringing him up as we already had a dog. I couldn´t believe my ears when I heard that a family had „ordered“ a Basenji, had waited for him for almost a year and gave him back after spending only a weekend with him. Now, the breeder was searching for a new home for the poor little puppy and was seeking a family not only with „Basenji experience“ but who was also willing to keep him. Nothing would have been worse for the puppy than beeing abandoned again. As every day is important in the forming phase of puppies the breeder was looking for someone who would be able to give him a new home immediately. 

BOOM!!That was not only the sound of the hammer my husband was working with. I was dumbfounded and could only think of the right way to tell my husband about the puppy...BOOM! BOOM! 

Apparently, we decided more or less immediately to give Pelle a new home. Both breeders organized his transport to northern Germany where we live. A friend of them took Pelle in her car where he travelled quite noble in his own transportation basket and was even accompanied by  two Saluki ladies. 

Before we finally moved to our new home, Pelle stayed with us in our old house for one week which was doomed to chaos as it was full of cardboard boxes and cases. Dear Pelle seemed to fell good although he had a problem with the staircases in our terraced house. As my husband and I had a lot of work to do it was Bosse´s part to play patiently with the never tiring Pelle, to guide him through the house, and to cuddle him while sleeping.  

Climbing steps is a skill Pelle did not have to learn after all as our new house has only one floor. Instead, it has a large garden to romp about... 


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